While I’ve been taking a short break from pretty much everything, I’ve become a bit of a geek for IronMan. I remember seeing this video a while ago and watched it again today. ‘The Crawl’ from 1997 can actually bring a tear to your eye when you appreciate the pain and determination from Sian Welch & Wendy Ingaham literally crawling over the finish line at IronMan World Champs.

I watched this video just after I’d pre-registered for IronMan UK 2013, which was quite the opposite from off-putting. I want that pain and that feeling of absolute commitment to the cause. Part of this time off is getting me ready in the head for the start of training and it gives me time to valuate what I want to become. It’s hard to rationalise 140.6 miles and answer the ‘why?’ other than just simply wanting to do it. Why do we all do it? The money? The fame? I doubt it. Somewhere in us, we just want to be an IronMan.


About James Wilson

Trying to get to Kona over a 3 year period. Starting from scratch, to targeting the Big Island in 2016

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