Happy birthday dear!

It was the girlfriends birthday last week. We went for a nice dinner at a posh restaurant, I got her a purse (it’s only been 9 months and I was advised by her close friend – I’m not that good at this sort of stuff) but it was our first birthday as a couple. I had to set a standard what with mine due next. But jesus, it’s an expensive game keeping a woman happy.

There I was in a high end high street retailers (other pretentious outlets are available) in my best running trainers and knee length shorts, talking to a delightful homosexual about purses and prices and how ‘this one would be great if she has a dark bag, she’ll be able to find her purse in her bag on a night out’. Great! She hasn’t managed to find it yet when I’ve been out with her…So after paying for it and then picking up the bill at said posh restaurant, my selfishness kicked in; ‘This has set me back the price of a decent new wetsuit’. Then I snapped out of it, realising I was being totally out of order. It’s a pair of Aero Wheels I need more.

It’s never cool to talk about money or how much things cost, but I’m going to.

To compete in IronMan UK in 2013 I actually need to set a budget and try to stick to it. Here is my essential shopping list.

I do need a wetsuit. It’s quite easy to pick up a basic one from budget websites like Wiggle and I have seen other places on ebay where you can grab an out of favour or out of season wetsuit for a reasonable price. Any advice you have on wetsuits, feel free to comment below, but you’re looking at say £120 to get fixed up from new.

I love my bike! I’ve had Specialiazed all my life from my first mountain bike up to my first road bike. I current roll out on a 2010 Specialized Allez Sport which is like brand new. I clean her after every ride and before big rides always give her a little once over and service her more than the girlfriend. I think I’m going to do IronMan UK 2013 on this bike. I’d love to reward the bike with completing the course as well, having helped me out so much over the years, a loyal servant. I do have tri-bars fixed on already, but I’m going to add Aero Wheels (above) from Kinetic One to give it a bit oomph and it will also free up a spare rear wheel for my turbo trainer. So with cassette, tires and tubes, we’re talking around £300. New shoes and pedals will need to be sorted too, put £100 to one side for those.

I love running and can often become a bit engrossed and unusually nerdy about running trainers. I used to rock out a pair of Brooks but when my ITB first went I felt like my trainers had cheated on me. Left me hurt and confused. Why would you do this to me?! When I came back from rehab and started from scratch with my mileage, it was a good time to punctuate a new start with trainers too. I went to Up & Running and was there for over an hour trying out different pairs. The shop assistant was incredibly patient and helpful, probably for different reasons than the purse guy, but I ended up with some Saucony Guide 5’s (below). I’ve loved these trainers and for the first time in my life I may go and buy a second pair of the same ones. I’ve clocked up around 350 miles in these so they are due a refresh but I’ve set PB’s in these, nor felt any recurrence with my ITB. They were £90.

So to get cracking on the basic base layers for each discipline, we’re talking around £510. I need to enter IronMan UK 2013, which last year was around £415. And I am also taking on a coach – £50 per 4 weeks. My diet will change, I need to be at the pool 3 times a week (£10:50 / £42 PCM), I’ll no doubt have to visit a physio along the way, so it all mounts up.

Or I can recommend the Lamb with sweet potato mash


About James Wilson

Trying to get to Kona over a 3 year period. Starting from scratch, to targeting the Big Island in 2016

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  1. Great Post. Liked Happy Birthday Dear a lot. Good luck to you in 2013. Maybe I’ll see you here in Vegas for a future Ironman event.

    Also loved the 1997 film footage. Heatbreaking!

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