Swimming Lesson Cancelled ;-)

I began my training program on Monday 27th August with a 4 mile run which flared up my niggling ITB injury so I’ve taken a bit of time off running and concentrating on my swimming and turbo bike sessions. I’ve added what I’ve done so far in my training log.

I visited my physio to address the ongoing pain from my left ITB and have been hammering the foam roller and a routine of stretches daily to do everything I can to get back to running. There’s a nice piece here on injury prevention around the ITB and the importance of the glutes in running. The roller is beautifully brutal!
Looking at the positive it has meant I have been hitting the pool pretty hard. It’s hard to believe myself that I can now consistently swim 2k front crawl non-stop! I know thats nothing too amazing, but for me its massive. I did have a swimming lesson booked to kick start my training but when I got a text from the swimming instructor that was signed off with a ‘x’ and a winky smiley face I had to cancel. I’ve never met the guy, whats that all about?! 😉

So I watched and copied some local guys that were pretty sharp and sorted my technique out all by myself, well done me.

I also did a bit of shopping last week. I got my Saucony Guide 5’s – again. I’ve never done this before – bought the same thing twice – but I love these kicks. I have about 300 miles in my current Guide 5’s and if I’m working around this ITB injury I need to take every precaution. I got them from a place called Rat Race, based over in York, for £30 less than the high street shop I got them from last time. Again, well done me.

Putting the new ones against the old ones, its nerdily interesting to see what I do to pair of trainers.

Sunday is my first rest day since I began training so I’ll stop looking at trainers and take my old man to watch British Superbikes in the sunshine.


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Trying to get to Kona over a 3 year period. Starting from scratch, to targeting the Big Island in 2016

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