Coach Trip

I had a very generous offer from TriSwimCoaching who offered to throw me together a quick swim plan. I’ll give a crack next week as at the moment I am just pounding the lengths & trying to build up the base fitness. I’ve seen the most improvement of all in my swimming. My next goal is to get 3k in sub 1hr. I’ll use some of the drills to refine a bit of technique and try and get the speed up. Thanks to Andrew for getting in touch.

When I first took on this IronMan UK idea I thought I might eventually need some help ,so I was quietly window shopping for a coach. Mainly as a point of contact and motivation, but also their past experience about what has worked for them.I’ve never been coached at anything! Not to the point of having a specific plan and goals, so I was a bit apprehensive at the thought of it.

My criteria was:

1 – Someone who had been through an IronMan.

2 – Someone who was miles better than I could ever be.

3 – And also someone who I get on with and has a genuine passion for what I’m wanting to achieve.

While I’ve had a bit of physio on the niggling ITB, I had acupuncture too. Periosteal Pecking to be exact. Then I got chatting to the physio who HAD completed his first IronMan this year. Was A top UK triathlete. And gets genuinely excited about my progress. His name is Paul Savage and has helped me out with my first training plan and my recent acupuncture. He has a great website here & works at Athlete Matters Sports Clinic in Worsley, Manchester. I have good self-motivation and managed to fly through this first plan without ever feeling too ‘oh god here we go again’, which I may have done before.

Having a coach has given me someone to report to. I have weekly contact and daren’t go back to him saying I had missed this or missed that – I don’t want to let him down either and I’m paying for this at the end of the day!

So getting a coach has helped me getting off the couch.


About James Wilson

Trying to get to Kona over a 3 year period. Starting from scratch, to targeting the Big Island in 2016

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