Tri-Cross / Moto-athlon

Training has been going great recently. Lots of swimming and noticeable improvements to back that up. Triathlon training is a full body work out when it’s all put together so I was curious as to how this would have impacted on my other sports that I do.

I race motocross at a reasonable level and always suffer with my arms building with lactic acid from holding on. The 20min races 3 times a day can really take it out of you. My quads are always in pieces too as i wrestle the bike around jumps, bumps and rough corners.It really is a marry between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. I need to consciously remember to breath and relax at the same time going through an intense non-stop pounding.

I was happy after this weekend to say I actually did feel a slight improvements in my stamina on one of the rougher tracks of the season. Motocross is a difficult sport physically and the transfer of tri training and mindset can marry up. In the first race I made a good start so just needed to hold a steady pace with the lead group and keep it on two wheels. The second race, I had to push towards the end of the race to make a couple of spots up as others began to fade. Then in the final race I had 2 accidents on the first lap, leaving me in dead last. I had to go balls out just to catch the guy in 39th place. This is where I would usual struggle to put together a good set of 3 races especially saving my hardest work for the end of the day. It’s all about relaxing when the track gets rough and letting the bike flow and become one so to carry momentum.

From my brief tri experience at race level, the swim / bike / run each represent the 3 races of the day. Consolidate the first leg and be in contention. Take control in the middle part of the day and see the lie of the land and what the overall feeling is knowing there’s one more to go. And finally, put it all on the line and push, leaving everything on the course so you don’t get in the car on the way feeling there is something left in the tank.

Physically I am drained after a weekend on the motocross bike. My recovery is like nothing else. I walk a bit funny, make some odd noises when I get up in a morning and pick out dirt from all sorts of places up until mid-week.

It’s not an easy decision to make, but it’s looking like I am going to call it a day for the motocross at the end of this season. I have one race to go and there is no way I can let my motocross interfere with my IronMan UK project next year. I ended up 10th overall last weekend in a strong field and need one more good result to secure 6th in the 2012 championship.


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