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I’m nearly 10 weeks into my training plan & things are really starting to turn a corner. I eased into the whole process & looking back at my first weeks training to what this weeks has in store is quite a nice step up. Scrolling down my training log the changes in what I have been doing each week has been so gradual I hadn’t actually noticed and taken stock of what I am now doing. It’s almost become a little bit more realistic that I can probably do IronMan if I can keep up my motivation which hasn’t wobbled so far. OK, I had man flu for a few days, but the fact that made me pretty pissed with myself is a good sign. I had catching up to do!

I have a rekindled love for my bike, which is important as I spend a lot of time on her, and this week I have started back running again after an 8 week sabbatical. I also clicked over my first 3, 000m in the pool. This was in a midweek training drill session all together. Each Saturday I test my progress with a time vs distance assessment as per my coaching plan. My aim is to hit that 3k in under an hour. 10 weeks ago I was struggling through a 500m swim and was beasted afterwards. My technique and fitness has improved that this goal is strangely within touching distance. This is kind of what has prompted this post, more of an update on what I’m doing than the previous posts. Ticking these boxes has actually proved to me that things are working and goals are there to be broken. I have been an atrocious swimmer all my life and openly admit I shied away from the pool in my previous sprint tri training. In sprints I always thought if I could just do enough to get away with it, I’ll make it up on my bike and run. My swim has slowly become almost my strongest part which is crazy. My recent knee injury has probably helped by making me concentrate so much on the swim and cycle, hitting the pool 3 times a week was the only way I could compensate for the lack of running and be easy on the knees at the same time.

So taking stock at this point sees me on the verge of a milestone I thought would not be possible – sub 1 hour 3k swim. My cycle is not being deprived and to start back running has given me a great lease of life at this point in the plan. OK, they’ve only been 2 x 1 mile runs, but these are baby steps. I cannot afford to spend any more time on the sidelines with my running, I need to gently start back from scratch and be so careful. I takes me longer to get my kit on than do the run itself, but combined around a good rolling session and stretching routine it’s got its own little place in the plan.

It’s so good to see things working! I like smoothies now. I stop for a coffee instead of a pint. My work password is now IronMan related so I have to type it every single day to remind myself. This blog and twitter account are more for me to occupy my mind and have a digital log from start to finish. August to August. Man to IronMan. I don’t care how many followers or re-tweets it gets. I played football up to 15 and rugby until 23 but I’m an individual sportsman. Racing motocross, mountain bike and triathlon means there is nobody else to blame. Nobody didn’t pull their weight apart from me. I get given a plan and it’s me who has to stick to it. Watching boxers like Carl Froch & Kell Brook are amazing to see how single mindedness can work towards one goal and put it all on the line. A sold out arena on a Saturday night is just what we see. Those fights are won  & lost months in advance in training. Love it, Team Froch!

Sorry about that, got a bit carried away with me me me just from updating my training log! Boring Tuesday night catching up on Ringside on Sky Sports!


About James Wilson

Trying to get to Kona over a 3 year period. Starting from scratch, to targeting the Big Island in 2016

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  1. Good luck dude.. Looking forward to following your progress as I have pretty similar run times to you.. Have a really annoying hip injury which is limiting my running but hitting the pool next week.

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