Work, Rest & Train

My usual work hours are 4:30am to 1pm so I am somewhat of an early bird naturally, but this last week I have been doing normal office hours while the boss is on annual leave and I’ve had to cover his unenviably tasks.

It’s not only interesting to see how little the gaffa does, but also how I’ve had to juggle my usual training times around my working life for the first time. Normally when I get back in an afternoon, I have an hour nap and then do my days training. This has endless benefits – swimming is quieter, I can turbo train before my housemate gets back and I can run in the light and then still have something of an evening if the missus is making time demands*.

Turbo sessions take over the flat

Doing 9 to 5 has thrown me out of kilter. On Monday I did my run before work which felt great and set me up for the day. Tuesday I battled through a busy evening swim session from 8:30pm which was more frustrating than productive. Wednesday I had to hop on the turbo as soon as I walked in to beat my housemate getting home. The last thing he wants to see after a day of work is a sweaty man in lycra in his living room. And because I have plans for Thursday evening, I had to swim before work, which was a 5:30am wake up to be at the pool for 6:30.
Friday and I’m on the turbo again before I have to quickly sort myself out for the Christmas Lights switch on that starts at 7pm. Popular boy band The Wanted don’t wait for anyone!

*Missus Demands

The days drag at work and knowing I have to train as soon as I get in has become quite demoralising. But when I get it out of the way in the morning, it’s nice to know I have an evening off.
Add a spouse, a couple of kids, an extra hour staying late at work and the training will take a hit in a lot of peoples lives. I’m lucky to have the hours I do and it’s easy to make them work for me and my training.

Boss loves a nutroast

And by manning the boss’ phone all week I also found out he is going to a posh dinner next week that he kept on the quiet. They called me to check if he had any dietary requirements, so by keeping us out of the loop on this one, he’ll be enjoying his vegetable soup and nut roast on a table that can’t have anyone eating shellfish on it. Just spread the love dude!


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