Sorry You’re Leaving

The motocross season is officially over. We had the end of season presentation last weekend and I picked up my 8th place trophy. Not an ideal season after hoping to stay in the top 3 for a second season, but bad luck and a sister’s wedding didn’t help my points scoring. But the significance of the 2012 season drawing to a close means I am now in full time training. No more days of my body suffering from a battering on the track, nor all those miles up and down the country. I have 7 days a week to train and really get my brain in gear for IronMan. As with every e-mail you get sent at work ‘Mr x is leaving to concentrate on other projects’.

She looks happy!

I was also tasked by the committee to produce this years end of season DVD. Have a look here if you fancy it:

I had a slightly quieter week last week and took down the volume of swimming and had a shorter Sunday ride. It felt like a breeze. It was nice to take it down and get my head around the next 4 weeks. It was like ticking over, warming up for a big 4 week block of training upping a notch. It’s amazing to think 3k in the pool is now something of the norm for me, and being out on the bike for 4 hours is a regularity rather than a one-off just to kill a day. I’m very happy to be back running again, admittedly it’s baby steps but I am so aware of my previous injury and I have the memories of how it felt which I am determined never to revisit. I’ve literally worked up from 1 mile / 3 times a week, to 2 miles / 3 times a week and now up to 3 miles. Have a look what I’ve been up to on my training log.

I feel stronger after each set, but taking it that further mile is basically a bit unknown each time. I felt a bit clunky and a bit rusty when I first started back, but the daily foam roller and stretching has defiantly paid dividends I’m sure. Because they are such short distances I have just been tagging them on to the turbo sessions, making a brick session out of a rehab run.
So for the first time in a long time, I am actually training in Swim / Bike / Run.

I can’t bring myself to put her up for sale, so my retirement is only temporary! My Dad and I love our weekends together so we’ll no doubt continue the odd race here & there but without the pressures of a season long campaign.


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Trying to get to Kona over a 3 year period. Starting from scratch, to targeting the Big Island in 2016

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