My 1st Big Ride (& a bit of book review)

I’m currently enjoying a week of annual leave. God it’s good to be away from the city & the slog of work. I decided to take a few days break down at my folks place. Wouldn’t say it’s a ‘country retreat’ but it’s surrounded by greenland and therefore a great change in scenery for a week of training. I accidentally started the training a bit early, with a big ride from Manchester to Nottingham, 72 miles and 5hr 40mins. I usually get the train home, but having had a look at the weather and planned my route I thought I’d pedal it. It was annoying having a bag with me but I needed to be able to spend time at home in other than lycra.

I got to Stockport and thought ‘this is a silly idea’. I got to Buxton and wondered what the hell I was doing. I reached Ashbourne and was pig sick of it! But then at 2/3rds distance i got an extra boost that I was actually going to do this. I thought about what the guys at home would think of it. There was no way I was going to bail and I just needed to push on through Derby. I even took a slight bit of pride thinking I was probably the only person in the world to be cycling this route on this day. That’s not that impressive in hindsight but at the time I was pretty chuffed with my effort and found something to cling to mentally. It was also a good chance to do a bit of a nutrition test and also see how my new Kinetic 1 wheels rolled on a long distance ride. Both cases worked well. I used 3 SiS sports bars, 2 peanut butter sandwhiches and 1 banana. I had scrambled eggs on brown bread for breakfast and a high 5 sports drink at the end.

New wheels looks sick! Just heading up into Buxton from Whaley Bridge

The hills across from Buxton to Ashbourne were a killer but I was lucky to get such a dry and clear day. It really is a scenic ride and I’ll be doing this again. Below is the data from Speed vs Elevation. As you can see, I stopped for a couple of pee breaks and some snaps when I was double checking my route. My phone battery ran out at 60 miles, just 12 miles short of the folks house.

Speed over Elevation – Manchester to Derby

My missus’ Dad bought me a book for my birthday – The Man Who Cycled The World. Having read about his moans (and there are plenty of those) I put myself in a postion of what he must have felt like and why he was moaning so much. Mark Beaumont was aiming for this kind of mileage every day for 6 months. Fair play to him. I stop for a coffee and read a few pages of this book after a swim, and I’ve really had to stick with this as I keep getting increasingly annoyed with his negativity. I was expecting a lot more about the places he’d seen and the people he’d met rather than just a list of dodgy roads and ignorant policemen. What a let down. I appreciate his challenge is a race, but just enjoy it for gods sake man! Not a lot of people get to do that! Still, rather than skimming over his list of distances covered, I could actually now appreciate his effort since I’d had a go at riding one of his daily distances. Check your local bargain bucket for a stocking filler if you’re struggling this Christmas.


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