No knee’d for an op

I had my appointment at the docs brought forward by a week, so I saw the orthopedic guys on Friday and they told me some good news. My knee does not need an op. I just had a build up of fluid on my knee that had developed after a bit of scar tissue on my ITB had rubbed against the knee. This came back from an MR scan so I’ve got the green light to begin running again.

I managed to sneak a pic of the scan when the doc left!

I managed to sneak a pic of the scan when the doc left!

I’ll be taking the same course of action as when I recovered from my right ITB a year ago – 3 x 2 mile runs / 3 x 3 miles runs / 2 x 4 mile runs per week, with a new stretching and strength routine on top.

I had a look into this and came across some ideas of the exercises I can do. I’ll try and do these as daily as I can, around my run and turbo sessions. Nothing new, but worth writing down as a means of a reminder.

– Clams

– Lateral Leg Raises

– Donkey Kicks

– and the theraband balancing drill

There is a download of these exercises available here at Runners Connect

I’ve not had to use my brain properly for a while, so when I started doing a bit of physiological research, it felt a bit like the old uni days! I came across these 2 guys. Firstly at Runners World, this article shows that prevention is better than cure and talk about ‘Getting The Band Back Together‘ – very clever title – and all about the research this dude called Ferber has done.

Then when I tried to find a bit more on Ferber, I came across this blog ‘Weak Hips, Weak Theory’. Hardly the digging and research of a first rate solicitor, but with the vast information available on the internet, in a matter of minutes I had found conflicting views by people in the industry. I think it’s really important for us to work out what we think is best. Nobody knows your body like yourself, so whether an academic spends years in a lab or a guy at a gym discovers a great new method, it’s all about doing what suits you best. I have my favourite stretches that I do daily, but I am also open to trying new ideas.

I think Ferber’s work sounds incredible and a value to know for any nerdy athlete who wants to know more about the science of their movements. It’s a bit tight on this other guy to question everything, but again a worthy argument that sparks debate, enough so to give his own information. So the benefits for the keen observer like me, mean I can take both sides and work out a grey area inbetween that suits me best. Get out the chamois cream as I’m going to sit on this fence for a bit longer!

What I’m trying to say is we can make our opinions quietly in the background when two guys go off and debate enough to do research that backs up their own idealistic endeavors. Let them do the hardwork.

Just saying.


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  1. ironmanandrew

    I had knee issues as well, I was afraid I might need surgery, I had similar issues as you. I completed my Ironman. If you are going to have a season ending injury it will be while running. This is your first Ironman. Many, Most even athletes walk a large portion of the run. Super elite athletes run quickly. I would concentrate on the swim, and bike earlier in the season, stay light on the run if possible. The important thing is to get to the starting line. A knee injury will wrap you up for a while. Make sure to use a foam roller on that band. I’ll be pulling for you. Good luck!

    • You’re a gent, thanks for the advice and encouragement its really appreciated.
      I’m hammering the foam roller and taking it very gently with the running. Biking & swimming all the way!
      Thanks again, it’s duely noted. Best of luck with your training too.

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