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Back into some hard training after the New Year festivities and I started the year off with 2 fairly long rides back to back. First of all I put in a 40 miles ride on one of my old favourite routes out to Wilmslow in Cheshire which takes in the near full route of the Xtra Mile Wilmslow Triathlon, held each May. The following day I went out towards Lymm, which is just shy of 40 miles but a bit flatter and again one of my old fail-safe routes.

It was an accident I chose these routes, just out of familiarity, but when I got back I looked at the charts on my GPS tracker from Adidas MiCoach, and I hadn’t actually done the Wilmslow route for a while. It was back on 6th April 2012 and this is now the 5th of January 2013.

I dug out the charts from my April ride and compared them with my recent January ride. I tried to take away the anomaly of traffic lights and pick a point where I was on a constant pace around a hilly section of the route. This turned out to be a 15 mile section which made up the majority of the Wilmslow Triathlon route.


Wilmslow 6th April 2012

In April I did this 15 mile stretch in 53 minutes and now in January I had done the exact same route in just under 50 minutes. Lets round it up to a 3 minute improvement over 15 miles. I can’t remember what the weather was like in April, but no doubt a darn sight better than the winter January chill I was out in this weekend.

Wilmslow 5th January 2013

Wilmslow 5th January 2013

I’ve found it more difficult to track any cycling improvement than my swimming and running, mainly because of the variations in each ride and the outside factors – wind, rain, traffic etc.Swimming is an exact measure of distance vs time and I have the watch on me and someone else built the pool. Running is straight forward on the canal path, but putting the hours in on the turbo trainer has been more difficult to measure its gains.

This however proves that I have got some kind of result. OK, 3 minutes. Nothing earth shattering, but over a short stretch of hilly road I’m quite happy to see something is happening in my cycling as well.


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