Finally Doing All 3 Sports! Oh, and 1 more…

I’ve continued with a good block of training since returning from Christmas. A brief overview of my swimming has seen my times come down nicely in my drill sessions of 10 x 200m, 20 x 100m and 20 x 50m. All good progress since I spent 3 months of building base fitness and working on technique, its now all down to adding some speed and strength in these sessions. All worked into a 3, 000m overall session.
The weather has been fairly chilly for too much cycling, but I enjoyed a jaunt over the pennines to Leeds to visit my sister. A hilly 40 miles each way which I did back to back Saturday and Sunday. A good chance to work on some climbing and also make me face riding in adverse conditions. It was wet and windy which made me get over myself about going out and crying off bad weather days.

Snowy Cannock Chase

Snowy Cannock Chase

Then the snow came, so I decided to make use of the mountain bike and hit the hills of Cannock Chase. A mecca for MTB, just outside of Stafford, which consists of a great 14 mile loop of great single track climbs and technical decents. The snow made this great fun and quite demanding for what isn’t a huge distance to say out loud!
My running is a continuing confidence grower. I have completed my rehab runs of 3 x 1 mile, 3 x 2 miles and now 4 x 3 miles. I have done the first of my 4 mile days which felt as close to being back to my old-self than ever. It really has been a conscious effort to respect these distances even though they don’t sound too heavy.  With the constant niggles around my knee, caused my ITB, I can feel and actually see positive results coming from all the work I’ve been doing, which is a great feeling. I basically foam roller everyday and do a series of stretches around the roller and also use a theraband to do some resistance exercises. I did mention I was going to start this in an early post here and it is actually working.

On top of the training, my diet has also become much more consistent and regimented. Flax seed, goji berries and muesli for breakfast, less coffee and more smoothies mid morning and to help cut back on the spending Ive been taking in my own lunch. A bowl of brown pasta or rice, with grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms with grilled chicken in turmeric, gram masala and garlic. It tastes ok, but is great when two hours later I’ll be doing my training.

I’m trying to protect myself from getting sick, so the garlic, onions and turmeric with salmon, chicken and pork dinners are a great source of all I need to get full and keep fuelled. Fruit is plying me with all the sugars I need and a balance of fish and meat is a great source of protein. Cod liver oil tablets and the flax seed also help me a bit less creaky around the joints and ligaments. There are some great bit on nutrition I have read on Livestrong, Trifuel, SIS (the bars of which I take out on my cycle rides).

I made a makeshift helmet cam for my snow ride, check it out below. I felt a bit bad for how I reacted to the slow guy getting in my way, but he did see me 3 times and still not pull over!


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