News: Tea De France

Exciting news has been circling the Manchester cycle scene recently. Firstly, the Tour De France swings by our region in 2014 and it was funny to see how Rochdale can claim such ownership of the tour as it passes through less than 1k! Fair enough, it geographically does enter the area but come on – for a few meters? The article is on Manchester Evening News and I love being local! The 2014 route does look great and it will be nice to say you have ridden parts of the Tour’s course.

The Tour De France route 2014 predominantly takes in a lot of Yorkshire

The Tour De France route 2014 predominantly takes in a lot of Yorkshire

Secondly there is a rumour doing the rounds that Tour De France winner and Olympic gold medalist Bradley Wiggins will be opening a coffee shop in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This would be cool. A bespoke cafe that would be a hub for all cycling and coffee drinkers – whether they fancy a skiddy latte or a ped-earl grey, it will be great to have an independently run coffee shop, even if its just to meet up and watch the Tea De France every summer. Glad I got that out of my system.
Finally, a bit of a funny clip I came across that went viral after the Oprah Lance interview – Lance Armstrong knowing all the words to Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. Brilliant.


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