Book Review – ‘Bad Blood’ by Jeremy Whittle

I read ‘Bad Blood’ off the back of of reading Tyler Hamilton’s ‘The Secret Race‘. It was in the references and I thought it would fill some gaps on my knowledge of the sport.


It’s written by journalist Jeremy Whittle and it is a great piece of journalism by a fan. All journalists are fans of the sports they work in and reading books like this has helped me enjoy the recent Tour of Oman and Paris-Nice coverage because I now know a lot more about the sport. It’s good. It’s interesting and did exactly what I wanted it to do, just fill my down time from training with some training related literature. It’s not going to give me inspiration to go training or teach me anything technical about the sport I do, but its short and digestible – a good piece of journalism. Worth having on your shelf.
I had a brief spell as a radio sports journalist, covering football, rugby and cricket across Yorkshire. It was a good stepping stone for my career but it took away a lot of the love I had for sport. I am a fan through and through and having to turn watching into a job rather than doing into a hobby actually made a dent in my passion for sport rather than the dream job I anticipated it to be.


When I got to cover a Nottingham Forest match it was made for me. My boyhood club, access to the players, my questions direct to my heroes and I could even sneak my Dad in as my ‘assistant’. Alas, I’d officially mixed work with pleasure and it wasn’t cool. Whittle talks about his fork in the road where he knew what was going on in the doping world, but almost didn’t want to accept it and was forced to choose. The heartbreak of being so deep inside the sport, he knew the darker side which, when you dedicate your life to that sport, must be tough to accept even as a seasoned journalist.


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