Bike Shopping

My retirement from motocross racing has meant that with a heavy heart, I have put the bike up for sale. It’s an expensive hobby that was asking a lot from myself and my dear old Dad who works on prepping the bike ready to race each week. The toll MX was taking on my ageing body was also a factor. It was taking me 3 days to be able to put my own socks on. This is a sport full of demands and a time has come where I needed to fess up Pop and decide our time in the sun was coming to an end and ready to hang up the bike boots.
However! With the potential bike money burning a hole in my tri suit pocket, I am looking at investing in a Triathlon bike. My road bike is great, don’t me wrong, she has done me proud in the 3 years I’ve had her. We’ve done plenty of miles and she still never misses a gear, handles like a dream and has been worth every penny. Ideally, I’d love to hold on to it should I do a Sportive or coax the misses into coming out with me one day. Although I can only ride one bike at a time so I’d be looking at getting rid of the Spesh to help put towards the new stead.

I’ve narrowed it down to the following:

Cannondale Slice 105 – £1799

Cannondale Slice 105

Cannondale Slice 105

Boardman Air Elite 9.0. – £1999

Boardman Air TT 9.0

Boardman Air TT 9.0

I’ve read ample reviews and weighed up the options of what would suit me best.
– Full carbon frame
– Future Proof (last me another 3 years with minimum investment)
– Makes me go faster
– Comfortable over long distances
– Value for money

The other thing to consider is the timing. IMUK is 16 weeks away and I have done 8 months training on my road bike. Hopefully this fitness will be transferable but I do need as much bike time on the tri bike as possible before I go racing it over 112 miles. It’s a big commitment, but I also don’t want to be regretting my bike split because I got the bike after IMUK!

Both bikes are very stylish, well made and read very well in reviews. The Boardman has the Fizik Arione seat and the hidden brakes. Both have internal cable routing, full carbon frame, fork and seat post. Both are suitable entry level tri bikes and both look like they only need a set of wheels bolting on. I currently have the Kinetic 2’s on the Spesh which I can transfer easily enough. A mid-range upgrade, although not carbon, are lighter and stronger than the standard wheel set.

If you have either of these bikes please do let know what you like/dislike with each. I’, looking forward to getting stuck in.


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Trying to get to Kona over a 3 year period. Starting from scratch, to targeting the Big Island in 2016

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