Taking To Open Water

Here’s a closer look at the sessions I’ve been doing with my swim training.

I have continued to work hard in the pool. Twice a week in the pool has recently progressed to the Open Water now the weather has made it possible to have a purposeful workout rather than a war of survival in the chill.
In the pool I was working on Endurance and Speed in two separate session. Enduarnace I was going 5 x 400m off 8mins and then later in the week working off varying speed sets:

10 x 200m off 4min
20 x 100m off 2min
10 x 50m off 1min

It’s nice to see these efforts have been converted into progress too. On May 7th I did a 3, 800m time trial in 75min 26sec and then backed that up on June 7th with 70min 11sec. Some great numbers to reflect on there and head to the open water.

uSwim at Salford Quays

uSwim at Salford Quays

As this is my first ever time in a wetsuit & my first ever time in open water, I am slowly building similarly to when I took up pool swimming all those months ago. I began with a session of just 35mins and then a session of 50mins and this week have done a 65min session. Just time in the water and getting used to the slight differences in technique between pool and open water. Most noticeably, the buoyancy of the wetsuit in the open water was more than I thought. I was warmer than I thought. I only really kicked when I could feel my feet and legs getting chilly just to keep the blood moving. It really is just a focus on making sure the hands are passing the thighs, staying on track and getting more adept to the feeling of going from horizontal to upright at the end of each session and getting that wetsuit down and off quickly.

The guys down at uSwim on Wednesday evenings (Dock 9 Salford Quays from 5:30pm) are very welcoming and it’s a really nice atmosphere. Coffee and a cake afterwards, or even a massage.

Wetsuit Hickey!

Wetsuit Hickey!

Going back a year when I was doing a 400m pool swim flat out at 9min 10sec I am delighted with my progress in 10 months on my swimming. This is massively credited down to my coach Paul who set me these drills and has kept me motivated with the challenges these time and distances bring. Although a wetsuit hickey was an amateur error. Get yourself some body glide!


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