A week at LBC – Radio & Training

I spent last week on secondment at a radio station in London – LBC. I was working on the Breakfast Show with Nick Ferrari, a similar role I do at Capital FM.


Although LBC is a talk radio station, the premise of producing a radio show is to find something to talk about. The difference between a good and a great show is what and how you talk about that subject.

I last posted about how things around training fall in line with quality training and this is applicable to taking all the things I did at LBC back into my current role.

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I’ve been producing breakfast at Capital for 5 years and a change of scenery was good for my professional work also for my Iron distance training.

I didn’t take my bike down with me to London so I had a week concentrating on running and swimming on alternate days. I explored london on my runs, even tripped over Russell Brands German Shepherd while he was out walking in Victoria Park.

It put a bit of impetus back into my training that made me re-fall in love with running again. Although I am still a nerd with numbers and HR, it was good just be somewhere different although I was doing the same thing.


I did think I was having a stinker of a day in the pool. I found a nice local authority leisure centre on Marshall Street in Soho, but it wasn’t until a few sets in I realised it was a 33m pool and my times were off because of the extra distance, not just the treacle water of the big smoke!

It was a great week to be working at LBC. I was involved in a phone in with Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and also covered the breaking news of Nelson Mandela’s death.

I maybe had a couple of extra pints and over indulged slightly in the food, but I was seeing some old friends so I let myself off & knocked up my signature chicken curry as a thanks to the guys I was staying with for the week.

Now being back into my usual work and usual training it has hit the reset button and given me a nice little bump going into Christmas. Being a triathlete, it is good to have two or even just one back up sports to continue to train in while it’s not possible to do the other one or two. When my knee forced me into a break from running last year I was able to concentrate and make real progress in my swimming. This week is similar having a break from the bike and pushing some real good run training. Triathlon means there is always something you can be doing in the meantime.

Same as producing a radio show, we need to fill the air time with high quality content like we need to fill our training time with quality sessions. We can get on the turbo and do the session we are meant  to be doing, but we might as well not bother if we are just going the motions. Every show, every session needs to be worth it considering the limited time we find to train it might as well be the best it can be. There is nothing worse than finishing a session knowing you let yourself off a little bit. It can feel like a long wait until you get to make amends.

Does radio and Iron distance training go hand in hand? A tedious link and who cares, lets just watch that bumbling man from Eton one more time.


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