Festive Training – Exploring Norn’ Iron

It’s a great time to over-indulge – or ‘refuel’ – but the time off over Christmas can also be a good chance to get some training in. I loved my Christmas morning run, I did my long run on New Years Eve, I splattered all kinds of runs in, at different times than usual and most refreshingly – in different places.

When in Rome

When in Rome

As soon as I broke up for Christmas from work I had 10 days until had to go back to the grind. A few days back at the folks in Nottingham and then a week over in Northern Ireland with the girlfriends family for New Years. There was going to be limited opportunity to bike and no chance of a swim so it was great to brush up on some base for my running. Where my parents live is ok for running but there isn’t much in the way of hills to get a decent hard ride in. I did take a nice ride out to Ashbourne but it was dam cold over Christmas. When I went to Ireland I made sure I took the running kit with me to make the most of my time up on the coast. It is such a beautiful part of the world and a great chance to put the trainers on and head off and explore. I’ve always thought this when I’ve been to visit but never had any kit with me.

White Rocks Beach, Portrush

White Rocks Beach, Portrush

It’s potentially a bit of triathlete playground, with the ocean ever-present with harden surfers proving the water would be great in the warmer climes for a swim. The coastal roads are stunning and challenging enough for the Giro D’Italia to even start there in 2014. Check the Northern Irish stage route here.

The running on White Rocks Beach was gorgeous and it is a naturally green country anyway. There isn’t much space in comparative terms in NI, but there is a lot of greenery and places to discover. I even ran past what looks like the only multisport shop in NI – North Coast Leisure! 

Giro Stage 2
I felt great, keeping sharp at running and even dragged the girlfriend out with me for a couple of miles! Perhaps not the most glamorous place to suggest for a Tri training camp, but it would defiantly toughen you up doing a week or so there!

Having said all the above, and received my first training plan of 2014, I’ve fallen victim of the cliché January flu bug. So I’m running a week behind on the training, which will kick back in from January 10th, and the countdown to Challenge Almere is on.


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