Conquering Snowdon

It was wet. It was windy. It was uphill all the way. What were to expect from climbing a mountain in the UK?


The missus and I attempted a trip to Snowdon exactly a year ago, but the tourist information told us a recent fatality had closed the mountain route so were unable to go up. That and a bout of food poisoning to the poor dear made for a damp squib of a weekend in Wales. Saying that, I still managed to get some mountain biking in so it wasn’t all bad!


This year however we conquered it. A total ascent of 1, 007m after we had to park 3 miles away from the start of the official walk. I forgot my waterproof trouser so went up in jeans, my second best pair. The chafe was gut wrenching. My climbing shoes hadn’t been worn for a year so the blisters were excruciating. But it was beautiful. The mist and sheet rain added an extra element to overcome which made it even more satisfying to power on through.

I was surprised how busy the walk was. Pletny of people out, some with dogs and even one chap running up which made me ponder the thought of one day returning to do the same thing. Would the old knees take it? Maybe we’ll find out one day.


We stayed in a beautiful little cottage in Ysbyty Ifan, about 30 minutes drive from the base of Snowdon. A handful of cottages in a tiny village that has as much mobile phone reception as it did vowels. This turned out to be a good thing as we pulled out the Cranium board game, ample red wine and a boat load of cheese.


I cycled over to Wales from Warrington. I had originally planned to do Manchester to Wales, but I got hung up at work and delayed my start time so I thought I could buy myself 20 miles and still make it for the arranged time. The afternoon cycle is one huge advantage of working early morning breakfast radio hours.

A gorgeous and hilly route via Chester and into some lovely Welsh landscape, somewhere I defiantly plan on revisiting for a day trip and some tough hill work. A train from Manchester to Betws Y Coed is about £35 and 3 hours, well worth a jaunt out.


Chuffed to bits to make it up Snowdon, great weekend with the girl and her friends and I didn’t miss a yard of training because of it.


About James Wilson

Trying to get to Kona over a 3 year period. Starting from scratch, to targeting the Big Island in 2016

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