Recent Reading

Any recommendations, please comment or give me a shout on twitter – @Iron_Producer


Chris McCormack’s ‘I’m Here To Win’. I read this book in the 2 weeks leading up to IMUK and it was inspirational with some great tips for athletes and coaches. Quite  a lot more than just an autobiography.



‘Chi Running’ I bought while injured. Some useful tips to re-focus on form & biomechanics. It’s quite Americany, but easy to pick up & put down while your ITB’s are stiffer than the hardback version. More here



‘Bad Blood’ by Jeremy Whittle is a nice bit of follow up reading to Tyler Hamilton’s ‘The Secret Race’ & is written very well by a cycling nerd – I mean journalist. I did a further review on this book here


IronWar‘Iron War’, one of my favourite books that I read at the start of my training for IMUK. More here, including some footage of the most famous Ironman race of all time



Tyler Hamilton’s best seller ‘The Secret Race’ is one of the quickest books I’ve read. Highly recommend with a further review here, where I  compare Tyler Hamilton to Ayreton Senna!


bikebookProbably one of the worst books I’ve read. The girlfriends folks bought it for me, so had to read it in case they asked about it. Visiting every corner of the earth should be ace, but this dude made the outback sound as dull as the A6



I had Nadal in one hand & this ‘Federer’ book in the other. I chose wrong! I gave it a slating on amazon after I felt short changed in a list of results from games the author had been privileged enough to be at



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